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Lynell & Company
Body & Nerve Restoration
"Put our expertise to work for you. At Lynell & Company, we are proud to have received the following testimonials from our clients throughout the Prescott area and across the United States."
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Owner & Master Certified Practitioner
Trained in Thai Stretch/Massage and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Holistic Nutrition. She is a member of ABMP and the Bowenwork Academy & Practitioner Association. Is a published author of "Her Father's Hands" - a journey of her life's calling.  Book is available on Amazon.
"I found my way to this work during my mother’s illness. Before she passed away she stressed the need for me to work with my hands. Since I have a background in human resources, dealing with people on professional and emotional levels of many kinds, I found the transition to bodywork easy. I’ve been practicing this work since 2003 in the Prescott, AZ area and have been truly amazed at the body's innate and powerful ability to heal itself. That's why I have developed the nerve & body restoration process, using the power of the Bowen Method. I feel it is key to helping the body unlock and magnify its natural healing capability."

Advanced Certified Practitioner
"I decided to change careers after 25 years of teaching pre-school and came upon Bowenwork after a horrible car accident I was in. I was referred to Lynell 18 years ago by a friend who knew I was struggling with daily pain in my neck and back. I had tried everything else and nothing seemed to work. Then I tried Bowenwork and it was the first relief I ever had. I was hooked and fascinated with how and why it worked. I had always wanted to learn a form of bodywork and when I decided to retire from teaching I felt God led me at the right time in my life to learn this amazing modality. I am blessed to be working under Lynell’s tutelage as I feel I am training under “the best”. 
I look forward to helping others with relief from pain and to continue with Lynell’s vision of total wellness here at Lynell and Company."

Advanced Certified Practitioner
"I have a degree in chemical physics. I have been fascinated with all things science and all things that seem to baffle science since I was a child. I spent 20 years in research and development roles for the microelectronics industry. I came to Prescott in 2011 and through word of mouth heard of body and nerve restoration. I have been fascinated with the amazing results that we see every day and will continue to study and better understand the workings of this technique. Lynell has personally trained and mentored me in this fascinating procedure."​
​This young lady has been around this work since she was eight years old. Starting out as Lynell's receptionist, scheduler and file clerk for several years. She went on to finish elementary school, then middle school, & high school, actually learned the Bowen method between high school and college, then went on to college. She completed her bachelor’s degrees in business management and hotel & restaurant management, is a licensed bartender and has an associate degree in computer science. She has enjoyed playing musical instruments, learning languages (3 so far) and playing sports (tennis mainly). 
Analise has always loved working with her hands - from gardening to construction & home remodeling, to bartending…mastering her passions along the way. Because of the love of working with her hands and those hands being gifted, she has found using them to help others heal is filling up a bucket of miracles that she has not only experienced but has seen throughout the 20 years of watching her mother practice. After two + years of practicing this work, she is proud to continue developing as many miraculous results for others as possible.
Certified Practitioner