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Lynell & Company
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"Put our expertise to work for you. At Lynell & Company, we are proud to have received the following testimonials from our clients throughout the Prescott area and across the United States."
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Owner & Master Certified Practitioner
Lynell Cavner credits her late father for passing on his special gift to her. “He could determine what was wrong in a body by placing his hand on the back of one’s neck.” Her mother encouraged her to use this inherited gift. “So with the loving support of my husband and daughter, eventually I did.”
Initially, Lynell pursued a corporate career in human resources, but couldn’t stop thinking about this gift. So, she obtained a degree in holistic nutrition while studying The Bowen Method.
Since becoming a Master Bowen practitioner, associate instructor, member of ABMP, NCTMB and the American Bowen Academy, she has worked on over 10,000 bodies. She says her experience and compassion led her to develop effective, custom protocols that enhance the body’s healing abilities.
Like most small businesses, what was to become her body and nerve restoration center started in her basement in 2003. In 2017 she purchased her current building with seven session rooms. She employs four other practitioners and one administrator.
Recently, Lynell authored her first book, Her Father’s Hands, to recount her journey and joyous love for life. It is dedicated to her father.​
Advanced Certified Practitioner
"I decided to change careers after 25 years of teaching pre-school and came upon Bowenwork after a horrible car accident I was in. I was referred to Lynell 18 years ago by a friend who knew I was struggling with daily pain in my neck and back. I had tried everything else and nothing seemed to work. Then I tried Bowenwork and it was the first relief I ever had. I was hooked and fascinated with how and why it worked. I had always wanted to learn a form of bodywork and when I decided to retire from teaching I felt God led me at the right time in my life to learn this amazing modality. I am blessed to be working under Lynell’s tutelage as I feel I am training under “the best”. 
I look forward to helping others with relief from pain and to continue with Lynell’s vision of total wellness here at Lynell and Company."

Advanced Certified Practitioner
"I have a degree in chemical physics. I have been fascinated with all things science and all things that seem to baffle science since I was a child. I spent 20 years in research and development roles for the microelectronics industry. I came to Prescott in 2011 and through word of mouth heard of body and nerve restoration. I have been fascinated with the amazing results that we see every day and will continue to study and better understand the workings of this technique. Lynell has personally trained and mentored me in this fascinating procedure."​
Rebeca (Becky) developed an interest in Bowenwork after her best friend came to Lynell and Company for chronic hip problems and got better after only a few sessions. After seeing her results, she decided to make an appointment and check it out herself. That was back in 2017 and since then, anytime Becky developed any aches & pains or injuries, she would come to Lynell and Company. She experienced relief and healing firsthand, and wanted to be able to give back and carry on this method into the next generation. Coming from a background of agriculture, EMS, childcare, and music, she is excited to be adding Bowenwork to her “random and diverse” collection of experiences, and is honored and blessed to have been trained by the best.