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Lynell & Company
Body & Nerve Restoration
Debra has lived in the Cottonwood/Sedona area for nearly two decades. She has a bachelor's degree in Physical Education from Point Lorna University. She has also worked as an ACE certified personal trainer and massage therapist along with a specialty in sports therapy and kinesiology. She became familiar with Bowen Therapy recently during a personal health crisis. “Coming back after bone marrow transplantation is difficult enough; but after my two boys in their teen years needed them… my body was a mess! Lynell and Bowen Therapy gave me my life back”. After experiencing the effects of Bowen Therapy for herself and her loved ones, she was hooked. It is her great pleasure to offer Bowen Therapy to her community.
Rebeca (Becky) developed an interest in Bowenwork after her best friend came to Lynell and Company for chronic hip problems and got better after only a few sessions. After seeing her results, she decided to make an appointment and check it out herself. That was back in 2017 and since then, anytime Becky developed any aches & pains or injuries, she would come to Lynell and Company. She experienced relief and healing firsthand, and wanted to be able to give back and carry on this method into the next generation. Coming from a background of agriculture, EMS, childcare, and music, she is excited to be adding Bowenwork to her “random and diverse” collection of experiences, and is honored and blessed to have been trained by the best.