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Lynell & Company
A Body & Nerve Restoration Center
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1660 Willow Creek Rd. Prescott, AZ 8301
Lynell & Company
Body & Nerve Restoration
Lynell & Company
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          1660 Willow Creek Rd. 
          Prescott, AZ 86301

Tel: (928) 925-0528

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"Thanks for helping me get my life back!
When I first came it amazed me how many traveled here to Prescott for treatment. Now I live in El Paso.... And now I am one of them! Thank you Lynell & Denise for all you do!
Life is good!" 
                                                         - S.B. Prescott, AZ

"I was experiencing severe shoulder, arm and elbow pain and getting headaches. I could not lift my right arm without pain. 
After three visits the pain was gone! The pain has not returned! The Bowenwork is gentle, non-invasive and my practitioner made the whole experience painless.
I have known others with the same painful symptoms who have spent thousands of dollars on medical bills and still suffer with the pain.
I highly recommend and frequently refer Lynell & Company!"
                                                            -  B.T.- Prescott, AZ 

"I was having bad sciatic nerve pain down both my legs. I went to my chiropractor three times and got some relief but the pain returned after two or three days. My husband heard about Lynell & Company work thru his job and told me to try Bowenwork. I couldn’t believe after one session I had no pain and continue to have no pain. I tell everyone who needs work done to try Lynell & Company."
                                                                    -P.G. Paulden, AZ
"Lynell has been amazing with my children! My son's colic suddenly became very manageable, and my daughter had some small health issues that I wouldn't have even realized were there, had it not been for Lynell's treatments. Thankfully, we don't have to have regular treatments anymore, which I think is a testament, in itself, to her services!"
  - TK, Prescott, AZ 
"For those of you who are are skeptical about what Lynell and her team does, this week I climbed Granite Mountain, walked 6 miles around Lake Watson, and I'm training for a 5K. A year ago I couldn't have done any of this because my knee was in such bad shape. I can only thank Lynell for all her work to get me physically fit again and right where I'm supposed to be. Thank you Lynell and Company you are the best!"
                                                         -K.P. Prescott, AZ 

"You guys ROCK!!! You are curing my hot flashes!! A few more treatments and I should be FREE at last."
                                             -V.T. Prescott, AZ