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A Body & Nerve Restoration Center
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Lynell & Company
Body & Nerve Restoration

In Case of Emergencies...
If you are experiencing a life-threatening emergency, call 911. We advise you to seek medical assistance FIRST as appropriate. After appropriate medical assistance, the following are emergencies for which we recommend seeing you within 3 days: 
Body & Nerve Restoration
Committed to the specialized modality of Body & Nerve Restoration, based on the work of Tom Bowen.

Our focus is dedicated to assisting your nervous system to restore itself as well as the body.
Our Vision

At Lynell & Company, we take great pride in providing our clientele the highest quality of personalized Body & Nerve Restoration, tailored to their unique needs.

Our locally trained practitioners go through an in-depth and rigorous training program which includes a hands-on internship.  They are specially trained in observational and tactile sensitivity skills, which assists them in the ability to address issues such as sciatica, hip discomfort, breathing ailments, nerve and muscle pain, and much more.

We aim to address the root cause of various ailments in the body.  Instead of going straight into invasive techniques for various ailments, we help the body take a look at  everything going on around the pain and discomfort to find its root cause. 
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"At Lynell & Company, you will find a place where the hurt and the healers come together to bring about an outcome of healing gifted by our Creator. With prayers, and holding to our principles and integrity, we aim to serve each client to the best of our ability."​
Upcoming Events & Announcements:

Do you want to grow your business?
Come expand your knowledge in our practitioner workshops!
​Practitioner Workshops at Lynell & Company
From our many years of experience, we will dive deep into our expert approach and invaluable information.
  • Learn how to put the mechanics of Bowenwork into healing action.
  • The reason behind keeping the work pure.
  • Understand when, how, and what moves to use.
*Must be a ceritifed Bowenwork Practitioner to apply.

Contact Lynell & Company for details and how to apply.
"I think the price is fair. My income doubled, easily within the first 6 months."
                     -Marina B.
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